Studio Headshots

Staff portraits

To capture professional staff portraits I have a portable studio for your convenience (anywhere in the UK). These portraits can be any style you require, for example, formally lit classic portraits or completely informal in-situ. I would require a room set aside to house the studio for the day. Please email with the approximate amount of staff requiring headshots and I can then provide you with a quote. Or nip to my own pop up studio in Cirencester.

Individual portraits

My studio is based in Cirencester’s town centre and Individual business shots would normally be photographed here.

  • Costing example: 1 person £72
  • Includes two photographs on a CD with basic touch ups performed to the photographs
  • Allow 20 mins for the shoot

If you have friends or colleagues who would also like their portrait shot (on the same day), the cost reduces to:

  • 2 people £61 each
  • 3 people £51 each
  • 4 people £46 each

If however, you require an individual portrait photographed at your own premises / office, this is possible – the studio is portable. The requirements in this instance would be a large-ish room for the studio. Rig and de-rig takes approx 30-60 minutes. The costs are:

  • 1 person £160
  • 2 people £92 each
  • 3 people £82 each
  • 4 – 100 people please email for a tailored quote

These prices are based on a local visit (within 16 miles of Cirencester, travel costs applicable) – further afield will be a bespoke quote.

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.