Photography Competition 2015-16 (CLOSED)

What I love about water photography competition

(Now closed)

I am launching my second photography competition for local novices and amateurs to enter! I have been running “Kay Ransom Photography” for 11 years, primarily as an event, corporate and commercial photographer. I noticed last year a lack of UK based photography competitions when I was looking for ones to enter myself as a professional and thought why not start my own series of competitions?

The brief is “What I love about water”. This is open your own creative thoughts. This could be anything from a rain drop to the ocean. It can running or frozen. I’m really intrigued to how people will interpret this brief and look forward to seeing the entries! The deadline is 28th February 2016, I will be announcing the winner March 2016. I have been very fortunate to be sponsored again this year by ATBShop for this competition, they have very kindly supplied me with a GoPro™ Hero to award as a prize!