My Green Manifesto

Business Innovation professional photography

• To buy renewable electricity (my current supplier uses wind power)
• To work from public spaces rather than heat my home at least one day a week
• To recycle all paper, ink cartridges, plastic, metals, soft plastic and other recyclable materials
• To use public transport when I photograph events in London
• Whenever I fly (work or personal) to pledge a donation to Tree Aid.
• To minimise the amount of paper waste I produce by only printing documents when necessary, and always using both sides of the paper
• To always stick on an extra layer before putting on the heating
• Moving forwards to have video meetings where possible, to avoid the carbon cost of travel
• Changing over to energy saver/LED bulbs as the old bulbs die off
• Improve the energy efficiency in three areas of my home via the the Green Homes Grant gov scheme (in progress)

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.