The top 5 advantages of professionally taken headshots

Professional headshots

1. Improve your Brand Image & Customer trust

Having a professionally taken headshot will improve your brand image online and in print. High quality photos will make your company look professional and make you stand out from others in your trade.
Photos of your actual employees (rather than stock photos) will create a human connection between you and the customer and creates added trust from prospective clients.

Headshot photography in the photo studio - Kay Ransom Photography
Headshot photography in the photo studio – Kay Ransom Photography

2. Put yourself or your staff the best light

A photographer will have the skill to put you at ease, find your best side and get those lovely relaxed portraits that will show you at your best.
Professional portraits are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees. Having no photos on your site will make it look bland and lack identity. However what’s potentially worse is a site with bad pictures of your employees, this could really dent your reputation in the mind of someone speculating on using your services.

Headshot photography shot in the boardroom
Headshot photography shot in the boardroom
Kay Ransom Photography

3. Stand out from the crowd on social media

You’ll notice many people on for example linkedin have a selfie or holiday snap as their chosen professional projection, have a think about whether your current shot really is the best choice?

In order to understand how to attract new employees, leads and connections put yourself in their shoes…

They look you up on the website/ linkedin and see a selfie taken in the pub/ a blurred image from 5 years ago/ you and a friend on holiday…does this REALLY project the image you want to show someone at their very first time of encountering you?

Better picture. Better image.

4. A headshot for personal use too?

A professional portrait can also be used in your personal life too, a smart new photo for your facebook profile picture, something fun to post on Instagram or other areas of your life where you want to look your best!

5. Guidance

A photographer not only takes good quality photos, they also guide on what to wear, what not to wear and all those tiny details (is your necklace twisted, is that tie straight, does that bit of hair normally go there?), this level of attention take years to tune in and those details do matter to the final photo.

Please get in touch if you want to improve your professional image.

Kay Ransom Photography covers all the visual needs for your company:

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• Events: conferences, exhibitions and product launches
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