Blog – why should you invest in professional imagery?

Headshot photographer - Kay Ransom Photography

I would like you to take a moment to think about the imagery on your website, printed collateral and social media… have you used phone snaps, low resolution images or generic stock imagery of people not in your business?

Do you think that reflects well on your business professionally? When a prospective client visits e.g. your website they’ll be making decisions/ judgments on whether to work with you based on many things e.g. the usability of your website, the branding, the spelling / grammar and of course the quality of your photos! 

Personally, my favourite page on any website is About Me/ Meet The Team, I find that’s the best way for me to ascertain the authenticity of the business.  If I see photos of real staff/ the business owner that’s a great start, if they are professionally taken – even better! I’m stunned when I go onto a high-profile business’s Meet The Team page and they have phone selfies of the staff! 

Browsing LinkedIn is something I’m sure many of us do daily, it’s a platform where often people have invested in professional head shots… however there are still so many business owners who have a grainy selfie taken holding a glass of wine in a pub as their profile picture lol! This sort of photo is fine on Facebook, but in my opinion doesn’t send the right message on a business platform. 

So, in conclusion if you want to come across as professional, personal and authentic… maybe it’s time to invest in professional photography. 🙂 

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