Light Painting

Light Painting experience

Fancy a booking a team building or event entertainment with something a bit different? How about trying one of my “Light painting experiences”!

Painting with light is an age old photography technique. This involves having a darkened space and lots of torches/fun props. The camera runs on a 30 sec exposure during which time the delegates work as a team using the light sources to create fun portraits for each other. The results come up straight away on the back of the camera and is exciting because every photo is different.

The feedback from these workshops has been overwhelmingly positive. It works well in teams of five to ten. “The Demo/ have a go” sessions are very informal, delegates can spend as little as 5- 20 mins in the workshop, or can network/watch others up to two hours. “The fun corporate event” I bring an assistant so we can run two groups simultaneously, competing head to head in a team building format to win the chocolate medals and the honour of best image! This tends to last 2.5 – 3 hours.

Packages include

  • “Demo/have a go session”– a quick taster
  • “The Ice Breaker event” – fun corporate/evening events
  • “The fun Corporate Event” – Includes competition/ prize / teamwork
  • To get in touch for pricing, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.
  • Light painting packages PDF

I will be running an event autumn 2019 where individuals can book onto a 2-3 hour workshop in Gloucestershire/Wiltshire to develop their light painting skills. Date and location will be released soon.

Animating people – Team building workshop

Need a team building event with a difference? How about trying my Animating people – Team Building Workshops?

Animating People – Team Building Workshop from Kaymr on Vimeo.

Animation isn’t as hard as it looks, animating ourselves is really fun! In just e.g. an hour we can create a short animation video using a digital SLR, tripod, computer and lots of willing participants!

This workshop works well in teams of up to eight, the larger the event the more assistants I hire to run extra groups simultaneously. The workshop can last from 45 mins to an hour and a half.

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.