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Princess Anne - Kay Ransom Photography

Princess Anne came to Cirencester to celebrate 70 years of women in the Royal British Legion in March 2017. I felt very privileged to be asked to photograph the event!

On the day of the shoot I triple checked every piece of kit I owned and decided to shoot with two cameras simultaneously because I wasn’t sure if there’d be time for lens changes, so it was good to have all bases covered even though it can painful carrying that amount of kit around your body for long a duration. The event took part in Cirencester’s Parish church and the market place afterwards.

Me in action!

It’s not often I’m nervous before a shoot, but I knew the importance of this event and I’d have to adhere to royal protocol, so this occasion was the exception. I was pleasantly surprised to find her royal aides and security extremely helpful once they knew I was on a commission for The Royal British Legion and not the press! They guided me to the allowed spots to shoot from and provided ample variety and opportunity.

The event and shoot went well, it was a very fast and challenging but I came away with many great images including one I’m really proud of (featured in this article). Princess Anne came across very well (I’d met her many moons ago when I had a Saturday job at WHSmith and she was lovely then too). When I got home unravelled myself from the numerous cameras and bags, collapsed on the sofa and let out a sigh of relief that the shoot had all gone to plan!  I came away with a shot I’m really proud of (featured in this article).

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Kay from Kay Ransom Photography at work
Kay from Kay Ransom Photography at work
photographing Princess Anne

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