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Socially Distanced Headshots

Have you ever had your headshot taken by a professional photographer? Did you feel apprehensive beforehand? What shall I wear? Am I photogenic? Will I blink every time the shutter goes off? To reassure anyone reading these are all VERY NORMAL FEELINGS.

Headshot photography in conversation
Headshot photography in conversation

Prior to any headshot I have taken the vast majority of people will say to me “I am not photogenic” and say they also say “I don’t like having my picture taken”. So if you have these feelings about a forthcoming photo shoot you are not alone.

I often find clients are surprised after having their headshot taken what an enjoyable and interesting process it was. I read a lot of human psychology books and I am aware that I need to handle each person’s emotions differently, so to me a headshot isn’t a technical process it’s fast track relationship where you need to gain someone’s rapport in order to get the best out of them.

From time to time people have a facial feature they are very self-conscious of and try to mask it during the shoot (if say it’s their teeth). If you are happy to share this worry it’s really helpful for your photographer to understand that you really hate e.g. your left ear, so then we’ll bias the shots to the other side of your face.

Headshot photography
Headshot photography

If you are unsure what to wear, bring options. I would normally recommend nice simple colours/patterns (avoiding anything with big logos or very distracting big patterns). If you are conscious of your weight/are broad shouldered wear layers e.g. shirt, waist coat and jacket, this will visually break down the breadth of your body. Think about your colouring and whether certain colours clash or compliment your skin/hair? If you are unsure think about a top people often compliment you on.

If there is ANYTHING you are particularly anxious about pop your photographer a call/email and they can discuss that with you and hopefully reassure you/find a solution.

I hope this article has been helpful and please let me know if you have any questions.

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